Exciting New Features Added to WeKnowPodcasting.com

Looking to ever evolve our products we are excited to announce two new add-on offers as well as monthly payment structures

First with the Add-Ons:
We have always offered fantastic Podcast Logos and Theme Songs but we’ve expanded to include some video options for you.

First we can assist on producing live-streaming events for you. We Know Podcasting has ran 12 hour charity events, Two day music conferences, live commentary tracks and album listening parties and now we can help run your live stream for $500. Enjoy this example of a previous live event we produced:

The other add on we are excited to be offering is animated segments. Animated segments are a fantastic way to highlight an episode of your podcast on YouTube and other social media. Send us a 45-60 second section of your show and pictures of you and your guests and we will create animated versions of them. Due to the time and energy put into animation we are offering this at $1000. Below is an example of this that we did for Chris DeMakes a Podcast

Additionally we are offering Monthly Payment plans now for Podcast Editing as well as Social Media Ad-Mats:

While we still offer the payments per edit as well as 10 episode bundles we are also going to be offering a monthly subscription option to have us edit your show weekly (the pricing is under the assumption you release one episode a week; for bi-weekly or daily episodes contact us and we can figure out a fair price for you).

We are also offering a monthly charge for us to weekly create social media ad-mats for you to share on Twitter and Instagram. Visit the One Hit Thunder and Chris DeMakes Instagram Pages to see examples of how these look.

Check out more of our services on our website or contact us at info@weknowpodcasting.com

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