Why You Should OutSource Editing Services

Have you ever seen a movie that you liked but you didn’t love?

The movie just felt long, scenes happen that didn’t really provide any additional character development nor did it push the plot forward, it was just kinda there? Maybe some of the dialogue didn’t hit right for you.

Suddenly when the movie’s over and the credits are rolling you notice that the writer, director and editor are all the same people? While some folks have made a good career out of “doing it all” more often than not it’s doing it all that leads to a “Jack of All Trades but Master of None” situation.

It’s good to be passionate and involved in the projects that means something to you but you also have to be weary of being too close to the subject. We’ve all heard the saying “I’m my own worst enemy”. Sometimes when it comes to podcasting we are our own worst judge of character.

Not outsourcing to an editor is how you quickly end up with a 2.5 hour long podcast telling a story that most folks would rather hear in an hour. Outsourcing your podcast to an editor allows for a fresh pair of eyes to scrap through your content and find out what makes your show work.

Arguably two of the directors who changed cinema forever George Lucas and Steven Spielberg both credit their editor Verna Fields for their early successes often salvaging a mess of film and turning them into masterpieces.

At We Know Podcasting we are thrilled to create a masterpiece out of any audio we are sent.

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