Why You Should Start Your Podcast

Podcasting saved my life

Perhaps not in the most literal sense but of all the things that gave me a light in the darkness it was Podcasting that shined the brightest.

Podcasting is a lot of work and in most cases it’s a lot of time and energy you spend without ever seeing a dollar come back to you. In many cases it can be the most back-breaking and stressful hobby you ever had. 

While advertising is hard to come by and even harder to be profitable there are a ton of great reasons to podcast:

1) Marketing
Your podcast is the best way to market yourself, your company and/or your product. Regardless if you’re in a band, the head of a company, a blogger or any other type of creative outlet the podcast becomes a free advertisement for yourself and expose you and your services to a larger audience.

In this day and age consumers want to have a genuine connection with the people behind the products they buy. Putting a face (or in this case a voice) behind your products will help bridge that relationship.

2) Exposure and Free Advertising
A podcast is a great way to talk up your services and place ads for it. Conrad Thompson turned a series of wrestling podcasts into a great way for him to promote his mortgage company. Chris DeMakes of Chris DeMakes a Podcast turned interviewing songwriters into a fantastic way to promote his songwriting services. The band Emery turned their podcast BadChristian Podcast into a great way to release tracks off their new album to long time fans as well as people who never heard their band before.

You can do the same with your podcast. Run ads for your company, play clips of a new song you’re working on, talk up your blog. 

3) Networking
Podcasting has been the most rewarding networking skill I’ve ever developed. Be it meeting other podcasters at a press junket, meeting like-minded individuals at conventions or even befriending folks who you interview there’s always an opportunity to exchange business cards and grow your notoriety. 

The greatest thing to come out of Podcasting is giving everyone a voice. If there’s an idea that seems interesting to you, there’s a good chance it’ll be interesting to other people. It’s scary putting yourself out there but in the long run it’ll be a rewarding experience. 

If you need any help making your podcasting dream a reality we are happy to help you get started off on the best foot forward.

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